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Workshops & Events

Monthly Karma Yoga Classes

The path of yoga includes loving kindness, concern for and service to others.

Open to the public and open to all levels, these classes will be donation based, with a rough suggestion of £5 (or above if you’re feeling particularly filled with community spirit).

I would love to take suggestions from our community and children as to what local charities they would like all of the donations to go to.

The hire fee for the room will be paid for by Higher Power Arts, but all of the class donations will go the charity.

They will run monthly, on Monday evenings from 6.30-7.30pm at the Bushey Youth & Community Centre.

Dates tbc.


Mandala Vinyasa Masterclasses – A Yoga Journey Through The Elements

In India I was taught by Shamanic teachers how to lead a yoga practice that spirals in circles, echoing the spirals we find in nature; think of how an eagle circles in the air current above its prey, or of how a bee collects pollen as it follows ths circles in the petals of a flower.  These strong and deeply healing practices are based in the elements of earth, water, fire and air and the practices will be mostly synchronistic to the Mayan calendar.

Each two hour practice will begin and close with Yin poses designed to enhance that class.  The elements correspond with Chakras in the energetic body, and the Chakras are activated in their relevant class.

It is my intention that we will encourage local Sound Healers and Healers from our community to join and complement these practices.

The Mandala classes incorporate many variations of arm balances and there are plenty of opportunities for inversions if these are part of your regular practice, but if not the beautiful flow is accessible to all levels.  Expect to feel as though every inch of your body has been explored and given new life.

Please do stay to join us afterwards for a chai and chat with other yogis.

Monthly Saturdays in 2018, from 2 – 4pm at the Bushey Youth & Community Centre, current dates as below:

go January 27th    Air Mandala and the Anahata Chakra

http://tycamidwest.org/adjunct-award-winners/ February 24th  Fire Mandala and the Manipura Chakra

click here April 28th         Earth Mandala and the Muladhara Chakra

May 26th          Water Mandala and the Svadisthana Chakra

June 23rd        Air Mandala and the Anahata Chakra

July 28th          Fire Mandala and the Manipura Chakra


BRAVE Fitness X Higher Power Arts Promotional Events

Every Sunday fortnight for two hours in varying local studios, stay tuned!

In 2018 Joe Saunders of BRAVE Fitness joins forces with Higher Power Arts.

Together we bring you a unique combination of yoga and an exclusive fitness system that is designed for (but not exclusive to) traditional fighting techniques.

You will be led through a fast paced yoga practise to heat and open your body by myself, Nicola.  Then Joe will teach you his very own, personalised fitness techniques. I will lead the warm down through a series of Yin yoga to help your muscles and joints recover faster and stronger than before.

You will have time to speak to us about your own needs or about any of our classes that interest you.

2018 also sees us create the perfect Yoga and Fitness retreat in Ibiza in August. We are now open for bookings.