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Some lovely words from my students

“Nicola understands me; where my mind and body is at within moments of me walking into the room and rolling out my mat. I never have to say I don’t have the energy today for a strong rocket practice, or my mind isn’t focused, she just knows and always sets my practice on what my body needs whether it be in a private session on in a large group, she always adapts the practice to suit my mood and my body. She brings so much insight and clarity to a beautiful yin practice and so much fire and love to a strong rocket practice. Nicola has shown me what yoga really means… has shown me how to reach into myself and discover what I knew was always there but just didn’t have the tools and self-belief to tap into and pull into my life. Yoga is so much more than exercise with Nicola, it’s love and light and I am eternally grateful for her sharing this with me.”


“A brilliant yoga practice, offering highly personal and tailored sessions to fit all needs and body types. Nicola offers excellent guidance to your yoga practice. Each session is a new journey, Nicola keeps you focused on your intentions and self-achievement.”


“I’ve done yoga classes before but never really enjoyed them or felt challenged. Nicola’s classes are a good workout and a challenge, but yet she never makes you feel bad if you can’t do the poses. She is very encouraging and supportive to help you achieve whatever your body is capable of.  She’s a lovely, supportive teacher and her classes are always very enjoyable.  She helps me find calm and peace in an otherwise hectic life.”


“Having heard so many people wang on for years about how amazing yoga is for you in so many ways, I knew I had to tick it off my bucket list and give it a go. I’m so glad I have too because I think I’m a little bit addicted now- it’s the awesome combination of inner power and peace it gives you, whilst having a bloody good work out too. Several friends said you need to find the right teacher too- someone you feel comfortable with. Nicola is genuine, smiley, approachable- she may be a yoga goddess but you know she’s human too.”


“Nicola is THE BEST yoga teacher. She makes the seemingly impossible possible and is constantly encouraging and giving me the confidence to develop my yoga practice. From a nervous yoga newbie she quickly turned me into a fan who looks forward to rolling my mat out as often as possible. Yoga makes me feel stronger in both body and mind”

Sarah R

“I came to yoga out of sheer desperation. My body and mind were out of balance and I was getting sicker every day. Over the last 2 years I have seen a massive improvement in all areas of my life not just the physical but also the spiritual. My posture is better and the backaches and neck pains I used to get have disappeared. I’ve also really surprised myself with what my body can do! A slow steady yoga practice done with intention and diligence will transform your life. Nicola is a truly gifted yoga teacher, her classes are intimate and tailored to your specific needs. She truly walks the walk and will be the first one to tell you that yoga isn’t just exercise! She often reads beautiful SUTRAS to us and teaches us about the deeper aspects of the yoga practice. She knows when to push you a bit further and when to let you be… we are very fortunate to have her as our guide.”


I’m a martial artist and I wanted to gain flexibility within my martial arts. I’ve been attending classes now for over two years.  Not only has there been a change in my flexibility but also my mental state of mind, for the better!   I now know I’m on the right path and feel my self worth, and without that I would never have achieved my black belt Dan grade it was all possible and thanks to the beautiful Nicola Glenn.   Namaste.

Joe Saunders, Brave Fitness, Bushey & Watford

Nicola is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve been too. Her understanding of the body, it’s mechanical and energetic workings makes me feel I’m in great hands. She also helps my 13 year old daughter to correct a kyphosis spine condition and has helped her become body aware. Well recommended!

Sanchia Hall, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner and Bodyworker in Bushey