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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a beautiful and mellow, meditative practice.   We are mainly floor based, lying on our mats using cushions and blocks to support the body whilst holding poses for a longer period of time.  We work on each side of the body in exactly the same way for anywhere between 2 to 8 minutes each time.

These more tensile tissues – bones, ligaments and tendons require a more managed approach.  We can safely move joints to their full range of motion here; Yin is quieter and more meditative in its approach than our other more dynamic and  ‘Yang’ vinyasa practices that work on the muscles and focus on moving the blood.

The magic of Yin is that it harmonises our Qi (Chi) energy, the pure and free flowing energy that activates and connects all universal life; and this happens because the yoga poses are positioned in such a way as to directly access the Meridian Systems of the body, which underpins Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the therapies of Acupressure, Acupuncture and Reflexology.

A consistent practice of Yin is one of the most healing paths I have come across as you are able to work very slowly in the body and see the direct impact of your mind’s workings on your own health, and I combine it with a regular Yang practice (any of the Vinyasa styles) in order to keep a balance in an active life.



To gain the greatest possible feeling of ease and lightness in the body through working on the connective tissues and joints in the body.

Calm meditative practice