Higher Power Arts | Mandala Vinyasa

Mandala Vinyasa

http://mrstevespawnshop.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://mrstevespawnshop.com/about/ The Mandala Vinyasa sequences are flow practises, based either on nature’s  elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, or based on the Chakra System.

buy modafinil now We will practise in the spirals we find in nature, moving around the mat in circular form.  The mind and body will be focussed as one using a yogic breath. You will feel very energised, very open in the body.  The work will include arm balances and inversions for all levels of Yogi.

source site These magical sequences were created with love by my teacher Dulce Aguilar, in both Yogic and Shamanic wisdom.


To connect deeply with the same creative energy that exists within ourselves as in the world around us, to realise that we are all one.

Dynamic flow practice based on the elements