Higher Power Arts | HIIT and Yin Yoga

HIIT and Yin Yoga

HIIT Yoga is a sequenced, fast paced class designed to make you sweat and work hard.  I fuse yoga poses with dynamic stretching making intense internal heat, to quickly increase strength and flexibility.  The short burst sequences are interspersed with corresponding Yin yoga poses, aiding muscle recovery time.


The focus is on using the breath to help you move with intention through repetitive mini flows and we often use the walls or each other, for inversion practices to build wrist, shoulder and core strength. Class closes with relaxing in Yin Yoga to restore the joints and muscles we have just stressed.


These classes are a lot of fun with music and encouragement from all. I fully recommend a good meal and re-hydration soon after your class.


Yoga and HIIT might not at first seem compatible.  Yoga is not in any way a goal oriented practice; but if you prefer to approach the physical or asana practice as a way of bringing health to your body, then any movement is a great starting point in bringing the mind and soul along for the ride.

Please Note: Attendance at this class requires an existing Vinyasa Flow practice OR 30 Hours of Vinyasa and Yin classes with me, to ensure your comfort in the class.


These classes strongly encourage you to focus and use the breath to help you move with intention through repetitive mini flows, short repeated balancing sequences.