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Yoga is for everyone

A space where you have the power to choose which Practice feels good to you, and where you can get to know and become your best Self

Welcome to Higher Power Arts.  I hope you will have a moment to take in the above intention, which invites you to reach your fullest potential.

Higher Power Arts gives you variety of Yoga practices ranging from strong and powerful to mellow and meditative.  I have trained in Ashtanga Primary Series, Rocket Yoga (Progressive Ashtanga), Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. I continue to train each year in Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.


It will always be up to you to choose how you wish to feel, by choosing which class makes you feel good.  Most classes are open to all levels (the only exception to this is HIIT Yoga), so please never worry that you might not be flexible or you are a beginner, or even, as I very sadly overheard once, the wrong shape. You will only encounter a warm community of Yogis who will encourage and support your personal practice and journey on your mat.


The question you will hear me ask most in class is ‘How do you feel?  Where do you feel that pose?’

Because this for me is how you build up your knowledge of self.  And this is the path of yoga – self realisation.


So here at Higher Power Arts I offer a variety of yoga practices to suit every body.

Please have a look through the Yoga pages, to see which practice you feel like trying.

My sincerest belief is that we are on this Earth to be happy and to spread that happiness as much as we can to those we cross paths with. ~ Nicola

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