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About Me

Yoga gives me the foundations for a happy life.


I have truly experienced Yoga as a practice of self-realisation.

Yoga is a three thousand year old practice which gives all of us a number of beautiful and ancient ways in which to explore our different levels of being in the world; our physical body, our mind and our emotions.  Some may add the soul into this mix. Whatever your beliefs, anyone can practice yoga and yoga can offer everyone a way to feel better about some aspect of themselves. We are all beautifully unique and we all need different practices or rituals at different times for our well being.

The thing I love the most about the practices of yoga is that they eventually lead to a place of self acceptance, self love.  And although this journey takes us all different lengths of time, we can eventually arrive at together in this happier place where we can be at peace with our body, with who we are, how we think and feel and how we navigate the world around us.  And once this internal shift happens, it expands outwards until your friends ask if they can come too … the yoga buzz!

The best part of all is that yoga starts off gently with the relationship we have with ourselves;  a steady process of awakening, in the same way the caterpillar who thinks he will never fly but one day turns into the butterfly.  We learn to trust in an evolving practice, and each time we sit on our mat in meditation, or stretch out in Yin Yoga, or move with our breath in Vinyasa, we are nurturing and building that connection back to the self, until we too transform into the highest, brightest version of ourselves.

I have almost 800 hours of yoga teacher training and have been practicing for around 11 years.  My teaching families are The Yoga People and Elizabeth Rudwick.

There is a steady base of students who have been coming to practice with me for 4 years since I started teaching.  My own inspiration comes from my own meditation and self practice, trainings, classes I attend and my teaching friends.

My sincerest belief is that we are on this Earth to be happy and to spread that happiness as much as we can to those we cross paths with.

Yoga is for everyone and for all our relationships.

Nicola x

All philosophies are useful, all philosophies are incomplete. Do not be attached. ~Yin Yoga Sutra