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Yoga provides the foundation for my life.

where can i buy finasteride cheap For me, it’s not just about the physical practice and I aim to get that message across to people every time I guide a practice for students.

furosemide 40 mg buy online As a teacher, my intention is to hold sacred space for each person to discover their own personal yoga practice; to  impart the teachings of ancient wisdom as they have been given to me, so that each soul is able to manifest their own self healing and step into their own personal power and happiness.

http://fitchlawgroup.com/?author=2 A steady practise and exploration of different styles of yoga over the last 12 years has supported my own personal self development, it’s helped me to understand how I am the only person who can make me happy, and that from there I can help other people to become happier too…  and actually when I say this, I mean the practice of yoga that I share.

Recently I’ve started to incorporate Shamanic work in the Mayan and Lakota traditions, so you will find that your yoga practice becomes closely aligned with the energy of the world around us.  I am also training slowly in Reiki Energy Healing.

As your teacher, I guide your practice based on the energy I feel in the room.  Sometimes you will see that we follow a set sequence (Rocket or Ashtanga) and at other times if we are a smaller group then we will talk about how we feel, and then go with the flow.  I believe strongly in the healing power of working energetically in this way.  With any yoga practice that you choose to discover, you will learn a little more about yourself each time, slowly beginning to bring about your own transformative experience.

I have trained with Hot Zen Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Destiny Rising and The Yoga People.

My core teachers are Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aguilar of The Yoga People.

I practice every day myself and I attend classes and workshops in London every week with a variety of teachers.  I devote my time to all learning with an open mind.

I honour all my teachers always and every day, with thanks and with gratitude for the teachings they bring to me, and for the yoga families they have created.

All philosophies are useful, all philosophies are incomplete. Do not be attached. ~Yin Yoga Sutra

For all my relations.